There’s been so much news I haven’t been able to keep up the news feed.

Brass was featured in The New Yorker’s Briefly Noted series, where it was called “witty and unsparing,” and Bill Goldstein featured it in his “Bill’s Books” segments on NBC’s Channel 4 New York. Psyched to see a small-town book like Brass getting some love in the big city, one I called home for seven or eight years. Hopefully this means the New Yorkers will come out for my reading at KGB Bar on April 22nd with short story slayer Danielle Lazarin.

A little farther north, The Boston Globe wrote a glowing review of Brass, calling it an “exceptional debut novel.” Thank you, Boston: though I’ve never managed to find my way around you without getting bewilderingly lost, I still appreciate you.

Closer to my current home, the Atlanta Journal Constitution‘s glowing review made me proud to be an adopted Peach.

Heading even further south to a city I’ve somehow never spent any time in, The Dallas News named Brass one of the “Five New Novels You Won’t Want to Miss.”

Getting a little less regional, Real Simple put Brass on its “Best Books of 2018 (So Far)” list.

The fact that I’m probably missing something makes me apologetic to those who’ve been generous enough to read and review Brass, and also profoundly grateful that there’s too much for me to keep up with.